Reflexology works on the principle that there are locations on the hand and feet which correspond to all areas of the body. The correct pressure applied to these reflex points by trained hands can unblock vital energy pathways where necessary and therefore create a state of equilibrium or balance within the body – termed medically as ‘homeostasis’.

Reflexology has its roots in antiquity and evidence has been found in its use in an Egyptian tomb from 2,300 B.C. It was introduced to the West in the early 1900s. Reflexology works on the whole person and has been successful in relieving many acute and chronic conditions including stress, migraine, back pain, menstrual problems, asthma, arthritis, etc. All people are unique, so that treatment varies with each individual, according to need.

Cost:  £35

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Morrell Reflex Touch was devised and refined by Patricia Morrell over 25 years ago. Reflex Touch is based on reflexology, which uses the reflex points in the feet to treat all areas of the body, however there is no hard pressure used in this very powerful treatment and patients often fall asleep.
A full case history is taken at the first consultation before a treatment is given.

Cost:  Initial appointment £40, further appointments £35.


Janice Clark