I am a Medical Herbalist with a BSc Honours Degree in Herbal Medicine and several years experience of helping patients with their health and well-being. I am a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, the leading professional body for herbalists, and fulfil their high standards in terms of rigorous training, continually updating my skills and knowledge, adhering to strong codes of ethics and practice, and being CRB checked.

What makes me passionate about herbal medicine is seeing the profound effects that herbal medicines can have, not only in helping overcome illness but also in supporting well-being through helping with stress, energy, low mood and other aspects of health. It is a real joy for me to be able to use medicinal plants that grow all around us to support my life and the lives of others. I find it very inspiring that herbal medicine has been used successfully for thousands of years across cultures (even modern medicine relies on herbs with over 120 different drugs being based on plant constituents).

I have an interest in sustainability and I believe herbal medicine practised responsibly has a lot to offer here. In my practice I do not use any plants from the wild that are under threat, and the majority of the herbs that I do use are either organically grown or sustainably wildcrafted.

I believe in the importance of taking a holistic approach, which to me means looking at a health issue from as wide a perspective as possible and understanding the many things that make up who we are.  Part of this involves looking at diet and lifestyle, stress and relaxation, our outer and inner worlds, and where appropriate we will look at these things within a consultation. I am also happy to offer herbal medicine alongside other therapies or conventional medical treatment where appropriate, and I am trained in using herbs safely in such a situation.

If you would like to find out more about herbal medicine or myself, or consultations and fees, you can visit my website at

I am always happy to have a chat over the phone or exchange a couple of emails if you would like to discuss herbal treatment or arrange an appointment. You can contact me on 07411 281165 (9am-8pm weekdays) or by email using my contact form at

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