I am Annys Dona Da Lima Leitao.  I practice Reiki at the Newport Clinic of Holistic Health.

“Spirituality is like a muscle – it needs exercising.”  We make time to go to the gym, swim, run, walk, exercise.  So too we need to make time for relaxation, meditation, quiet and stillness.  In the stillness we can connect to our spirit, essence, our inner knowing.  We can connect to how our body is feeling and learn how to work with our energy.

What to do in these changing, challenging times?  We are currently birthing a new heart consciousness.  It’s time for us to take responsibility for ourselves, the earth, our health and wellbeing.  It is up to us as individuals and as a whole to find what works for us in terms of energy management, diet and lifestyle.

Reiki can help you make that all important connection to self.

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine which works with a persons natural energy helping them to connect with their own innate healing capabilities.  It can help with physical and emotional issues and is a very relaxing experience.

Reiki can either be experienced as a single one off treatment or as part of a longer course of healing it can support a person through life changes.  I was working in London suffering from burn out when I met my Reiki Master Don Alexander in 1994.  Reiki gave me the hope and confidence I needed to find my way back to health and a gentler way of life.

I have studied a foundation in naturopathic medicine and have a passion for healthy food.  Diet and lifestyle are an integral part of our wellbeing.  I am available for workshops on how to make raw chocolate.

Appointments are available daytime, evening and weekends to make an appointment or to find out more information contact reception on 01633 843333.