Bala Brook Retreat Centre, Dartmoor, Devon, UK
29th December 2017 – 3rd January 2018 

The retreat
This 5-day retreat offers an opportunity for rest, reflection and renewal at the year’s end after the busyness of Christmas. The retreat will provide a safe, supportive and nourishing environment, with space to form a deeper connection with yourself, with others and with nature. It is open to people of all levels of Focusing experience.
There will time each day for:

  • 1-1 Focusing sessions
  • Input and discussion on Focusing practice
  • Silent group walks
  • Group meditation
  • Early morning qigong (or personal practice)
  • Group sharing
  • Free time for resting, walking, etc.

The retreat will be held partly in silence, but there is also time to interact socially with the group. Extra group activities such as Dartmoor walks, dance/movement, massage, poetry sharing, etc, may also arise on the retreat. We will also mark the turning of the year with a ritual or celebration.

The retreat is structured around a daily schedule which is provided as a framework and support, but there is no obligation or pressure to attend every session and participants are encouraged to attune to and respect their own individual process and needs, which can include spending time alone.

The retreat starts with supper on the evening of the first day, and ends after lunch on the last day. We bring and cook our own food – each person generally brings ingredients for one meal (lunch or supper) for the group and gets help to cook it – this supports a sense of group bonding and grounding, as well as keeping the cost of the retreat down. The total cost of food is shared equally by everyone in the group.

The venue
Bala Brook Retreat Centre is a wonderful, comfortable, spacious venue, set in a beautiful, quiet location near South Brent on the edge of Dartmoor (20 minutes drive from Totnes and a 2 hour drive from Bristol). See for further information about the centre.

Costs & bookings
There will be a maximum of 14 places available on the retreat. Accommodation is in single or double rooms, many are en-suite.
The cost of the retreat is £290 (£230 concs), not including food (the food cost usually works out at £8-10 per day per person).
Contact Gordon for a booking form if you would like to come on a retreat. I will need to receive a completed form (by email or post) plus a deposit of £90 to reserve a place. The balance of the retreat fee is payable 4-6 weeks before the start of the retreat.

Further information & contact
For further information about the retreat leader see Gordon Adam under ‘Directory of Members’ on the British Focusing Association website:
Contact Gordon for further information about the retreats, or to request a booking form:  Tel. 0117 9080494 or 0779 6087351



“The schedule was very cohesive and wholesome i.e. room for practice, play and reflection. The fact that it was a small group also made it feel more like a journey we were making not just separately but together in a supportive and loving way.” CB

“The structure of the retreat worked really well with me – having silent mornings and the right balance of Focusing, meditation, communal being and fun. I liked having the space to do my own thing as well as the group activities.” KF

 “I enjoyed the company of gentle and kind people. Beautiful place. The Focusing process gives a certain quality to the retreat… and somehow the atmosphere of acceptance enabled me to say some things about how I was feeling that I have not felt able before to say in a group. The fact that I was able to share on the retreat was I am sure due to the fact that I felt more safe to say the things I did because of the environment of the group so – thank you for creating that space.” DP

 “I enjoyed it all – it was the balance of activities, silence/chatting, being physical/sitting/Focusing and the quality and breadth of company that I found very enjoyable. My room was also lovely. Also the fact that there was a flexible structure helped the weekend be healing.” JB

“The retreat has given me the biggest lift I’ve had for ages, really ages.  I had an especially profound session with at the end of the retreat.  And somehow the retreat managed to sink into my brain the idea that you don’t make change happen, you create the right environment for it and then it happens if and when it wants.  On some deeper level I’ve accepted the latter part of that with profound results.” SO

“For me the whole retreat was the best thing! The surroundings were perfect and my choices to be apart also really important.” CD

 “I enjoyed the gentle accepting nature of the group.  I enjoyed the ease in which the silent times worked.  I enjoyed the schedule, especially knowing that I could opt out but in fact I only opted out of some of the sessions.” ES

“I loved the sense of balance and flexibility within the structure of the retreat. Also the sense of community and connection – it was lovely!” JB

“My feedback is that it was fabulous. Such great facilities and schedule.” AB

“I just want to offer oceans of gratitude to everyone for their contribution to the weekend at Bala Brook – I really loved the time we spent together and felt deeply nourished by the temporary community we created and by the place. Special thanks for everyone’s willingness to accommodate my dietary needs in a relaxed way – it was so nice not to have to cook myself separate food – and the cakes were an unexpected delight!” JP

 “I feel immensely grateful to you for organising the retreat and holding the space so well, the level of co-operation was tremendous (organising travel, food etc.), and now I miss that sense of community.” JP

“It was an amazing weekend. I thought it worked really well and wouldn’t want to change anything much at all.” HB