The Newport Clinic of Holistic Health was established in 1990 by Homeopaths Gordon Adam and Richard Napper. The Clinic has grown and developed over the years, leading to the purchaseĀ of our own property at 4 Llanthewy Road in 2001.

We aim to offer a comprehensive and professional complementary health care service, provided by qualified and experienced practitioners. Most of our practitioners have been in practice for over 10 years and each has been trained specifically in his/her field of expertise.

The essence of our approach, in each therapy, is to consider the whole person, and to view any symptoms of ill health in the context of the person interacting with the world at large. Consideration is therefore given to lifestyle, relationships, work, relaxation etc., as well as to specific symptoms. The aim of treatment is to stimulate and unblock the natural healing ability which we each possess, using the therapy which seems most appropriate for the individual.

Maintaining and supporting the healing process may involve a change in outlook, lifestyle or diet. This may arise as a result of treatment or be recommended by your practitioner. Generally you will be encouraged to become more involved and responsible for your health care and this can play a vital part in maintaining well-being.